Burning, Numbness and Tingling on the Balls of the Feet

Anytime burning, numbness and tingling sensations are felt, nerve pain is the most common diagnosis. The nerve pain that presents on the balls of the feet is called Morton’s Neuroma.

Nerves run in between the metatarsal bones of your feet. When too much pressure is applied to this area, the soft tissues become inflamed and starts rubbing and irritating the nerves, in turn causing inflammation of the nerves. This presents in patients with high arched feet, who wear low supportive shoes such as high heels.

Kevin will treat this condition while looking at the mechanics of the whole lower limb, as it is important to note why the pressure is localised in the balls of the feet. Treatment will include releasing muscles in the foot and leg, appropriate shoewear advice and orthotics to re-distribute pressure from this area.