Do you get pain in your feet or legs first thing in the morning?

Picture this: After a good night’s sleep, in the morning when getting out of bed you put your first steps on the ground, and you get extreme pain causing you to limp. Is this a familiar scenario for you? And does the pain return after long periods of sitting such as a lunch break or a long drive?

If this sounds familiar to you, you have a symptom called post static dyskinesia. This is very common in foot and lower leg conditions, such as plantar fasciitis. The muscles and tissues shortens and tightens when not in use such as sleeping or sitting. Then after several steps as the foot is ‘warmed up’ and tissues loosened up the pain will reduce, however will return the next day.

At Hammond Park Podiatry we will address these issues and treatment will include a comprehensive examination, foot mobilisation, dry needling, orthotics, shoewear advice, taping, stretching and more.