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Nails that are tough to cut or difficult to reach

Thick toenails may often be tough and difficult to cut yourself. This can be a common and normal part of aging, due to fungal nail infections, or as a result of nail damage. Nail damage can occur through dropping something heavy on your toe or wearing tight shoes.

Fungal nail infections can be contracted in several ways such as public showers or swimming pools. It can spread easily, and your Podiatrist can help treat the thickness and give you information about the best way to resolve the fungal infection.

At Atwell Podiatry, our Podiatrist can easily cut and file your toenails, along with a nail drill to further reduce thickness. They can also recommend medications for fungal nails as well as advise you on more comfortable shoes for this condition.

Our Podiatrist is experienced in the permanent removal of thickened toenails and can help with any nail issues!

If you’re living or working in Hammond Park, Success, Aubin Grove, Atwell or Cockburn and have any question on how to cut tough nails, please call to speak with our Podiatrists at Atwell Podiatry.