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Shin splints and calf pain

What is it

Shin splints is when you have pain along your shin which is caused by the lower leg muscles pulling on the bone due to overuse. Shin splints are a common sporting injury.


Symptoms of shin splints include sharp or aching pain that runs on the front or back of the shin. Pain is worsened when exercise duration or intensity is increased. ‘Pushing through the pain’ is not advised as it can cause the shin splints to worsen or cause long term muscle and bone damage.

What to do

If you are suffering from Shin Splints, seeking help from our Podiatrist at Atwell Podiatry should be a top priority! Our podiatrist can diagnose and treat the cause of the issue and get your relief from your Shin Splint pain. The most effective treatments include orthotics and dry needling.

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