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Ankle Sprains

What is it

Ankle sprains occur when the ankle rolls towards the outside of the foot, leading to damage of the bones, ligaments and tendons around the ankle. Immediately after the injury, pain, swelling and bruising will occur. It is highly recommended you see a Podiatrist as soon as possible if symptoms do not improve. This is important as there is a possibility that the sprain may have caused a bone fracture.

Initial treatment of ankle sprains includes rest, ice, compression and elevation. Crutches or a moon boot may be required depending on the severity of the condition. Rehabilitation must be started as soon as the patient is able to bear weight on the ankle to improve healing, range of motion and prevent re-occurrence. Rehabilitation exercises include stretching of affected muscles, balancing exercises and orthotics to improve gait. The sooner rehabilitation is performed, the sooner the patient is able to return to normal activities.

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